Francesca Romio is an Italian Multi disciplinary Artist (Interior Designer, Fine Arts,Technician Conservator of Architectural Heritage and Goldsmith).

She was born in Vicenza, Italy, in early 1979 and she devoted to sculpture and painting and the toys that accompanying her childhood are ruler, bracket and pencil.

After the studies in Vicenza at the Istituto d’Arte Experimental “B.Boscardin” and “Scuola d’Arte e mestieri”, where she became a Goldsmith and Microforms wax modeller , an decisive fact happens:  at the age of 19 , for Universal Alopecia, she lost her flowing hair. To convey the emotions emerged in her the need to start  painting, initially with a simple and childish language. In these  years  the desire to explore new worlds led her to travel and stay abroad. First in Australia, then Spain, England, Portugal, Canary Islands, Egypt, Turkey.

A this stage was accompanied by the years of study at the School of Restoration of Architectural Heritage in Vicenza (2003), where she learnt the Art of Ancient and Contemporary Techniques. She is enrolled at the Italian Ministery of Architectural Heritage.

Between 2005 and 2006 she moved to Barcelona, Spain, to work with the Taller Chroma, Conservator Studio among the most important of the city. She was part of the work team of “Villa Helius” located in Barcelona. Here also began a attend the Artist who gravitated around CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporanea Barcelona and the Academy of Fine Arts . In 2006 she returned to Italy, continuing the conservator profession working in various importants worksite like “Porta Vescovo” located in Verona and “Villa Draghi” located in Montegrotto Terme. At the same time she continued the figurative research and construction of an artistic track characterized by intense vitality, made of intense and shining tones.

Other stage of her journey took place in 2008: after a trip to Senegal she suffered a strong inner change that went to work on if same expressing themselves in conceptual art using various methodologies and keeping an elementary painting technique. These means allow it to explode far all the emotions quote until she got to the great transformation by going back  to reuse the oil colour. Francesca began  a new path, the result of a decade of various experiences, approaching the soul studio through the portraits of the people.

In 2012 she worked closely chat with the “Maestro d’Arte”, Master of Art, Valerio Semensin at “Villa Lippomano”(Arch.Longhena) located in San Vendemiano where she learnt  the art of Venetian Plaster, important encounter  what  will characterize the three-dimensionality of her future frameworks. Between 2012 and 2013 she was part of the work team for the restoration conservation of “Barchessa di Villa Trissino” (Arch. A. Palladio) located in Meledo di Sarego.

In the last years she moved to London where she studied with the artists, Bettina Reiber and Roger Gill, at Central Saint Martin (UAL), working as a waitress  to understand and develop the customer service till 2016.

In the last two years she traveled around US, visiting city like NYC , Washingthon DC, GA State and NC State taking new inspirations for her artworks and knowing better the culture.

Currently she’s living in Vicenza aerea working between her city and venice as  Artist,Technician Restorer of Art and Interior Designer.

She’s also a freelance artist partner for LatteArtBar , London UK.