Why a Romio’s works?

Interesting  question .. I would answer trivially and superficially saying “… because my works are different …”.

The constant evolution is the prerogative of my life. What I create, I draw and paint is never granted. Each work is encoded. A landscape, an architecture that is the background of a portrait for example, is not only boundary but it has a deeper meaning: you can recognize symbols that enhance and embellish the work. I think is really important see the develop of a work . Sometime happen that I let the work half skected and half finished. I love this combination because you can understand really well all the “opera” from the beginning.

Beyond this technical aspect it is important , especially for the portrait, to create a relationship of trust between those who choose to have their pictures taken and who portrays.

I spent many years studying the faces and behavior of people. Especially the first time I found myself often to be me being part of the people study.

I suffer of alopecia universalis from when I was younger. Curiosity and, sometimes, ignorance of eyes staring at me, has triggered in me the need to scrutinize, study and analyze.

The  strength of a portrait is when the artist is able to “break through” the surface of the penetrating visible, going over to touch the soul.I remember one client who called me, after hanging her portrait in the chosen location, and said: “Francesca, but she knows that her painting begins to live its own life? It’s different from when I brought it home, that I’m different. ” I answered: “… Madame  is no different, simply is watching for real herself”.